This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

it could have not been a better day! I got up at around 8:30ish to get ready for a long but sweet day. I picked up Jaimie from her house at around 9:30 and duh of course I surprised her with red roses, I gave her a hug and a kiss and said Happy Valentine's Day! She was so cute about it. I love seeing her reactions when she gets surprised. ;)

After that we got invited to a pre wedding shower for my roommate Scott and his fiance JM. It was a surprise party for them, they got told its a work training they had to come to. Scotts first impression, "whats up with the balloons at a work training?", and "what is Michael doing here (a former Luau worker)" ;) they really didn't expect that at all. It was a pretty cool surprise party, which was all planned and organized by Regina our Luau Supervisor. She did a really awesome job. She did such a good job that we told her she should become a wedding planner.

thats when they first came in, aw so surprised, and below they look so happy because of the surprise party. ;) yay!!!

(Picture to the right) Scott and JM feeding each other cake. I'll quote their little conversation. Scott, "I love you" JM, "be nice!" after a bit of a hesitation, JM went for it and put whole slice of cake into Scotts face, Scott did the same! lol it was so funny. ;)

What kinda annoyed me was that Jaimie was like ahhh I have to leave at around 11ish. She said she had finish something up in the on campus copy center. She said she had to get my Valentines Card ready. Anyway, the party is over and I'm on my way to campus so I called her that I would be waiting outside, she responeded oh I'm not ready yet! Okay I go and fill up some gas and I would call her again when I'm back. 10 minutes later I call again, she said, oh honey, I remembered that I have your bike on campus, I just take that and I'll meet you at my house! and you just go home and get changed so we can go to the beach. okay by that time I was super annoyed about the whole situation. I'm like bahhhh ahhhh!!!! so I come home and I come into my room and this is what I found

My room got HEART ATTACKED!!!

My cute little girlfriend had everything planned out to first fool me around and than surprise me. YAY!! happy ending. She was hiding behing the door and jumped out and shouted surprise honey, happy valtentines day! aw, I sleep really good now being surrounded by a ton of hearts. ;)

so we make our way to the beach, but we didn't stay for to long because it was windy and it soon started to rain. lame, anyway we went home took a nap. oh and we had lunch at subway earlier.

Than our evening part of Valentines Day began. We first went to Turtle Bay Resort to go hot tubbing. it was nice but I think my nose is suffering from that, because it was really windy outside, and the water was really really HOT. And for the rest of the evening we enjoyed each others company and I got Cheesecake form the Cheesecake Factory on Friday. And we also enjoyed Haagen Dazs Pineapple & Coconut ice cream. All together, pretty much equals the best Valentines Day ever!

Oh one more thing, I apologize for not putting up a picture of me and Jaimie today, but I always get into trouble when I upload a picture of us two. because I always pick the ones she hates!! so sorry no picture of us today

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh how cuuuuuute. I thought you were going to say you got engaged. ;)