This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun At Work

Today was my first day back at work for a while. This is so random but my Supervisor spotted a banana tree in our Luau today as we were seating guests. Luau is the restaurant that I work at, its a crazy place, craziness as in busy place. Anyway, I should take more pictures of this place that I work at! Anyway, it was just a little guy for a banana, Regina said they are Apple Bananas, because they are so little. Basically, my new thing to look forward to going to work is to find those Bananas! ;)


Jaimie said...

Aw, look at you, as cute as a button ;) What was even more cute was when you were all excited about it, telling me in person :) love you

Kent said...

Wolfgang you have a totally happenin' blog my friend! You've inspired me to do better at keeping up with mine. I really like german Tuesday as well. Have a great day buddy!