This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm again Reading

... My mom probably things, "Since when is my son reading books? He seriously never was into reading books!" well my last book I had to read for class, and this time its in preparation for marriage.

if you know what I mean. I'm getting hitched in less than a month. YES!!!

anyways, coming back to the book. its called, between husband and wife, and it talks mainly about the doctrine of marriage and intercourse. I didn't wanna use the Sex word. oh I just did! haha ;)
its a very interesting book and it has good information about what to know. Okay thats enough Sex talk on my blog. I wanna keep my blog PG rated. thank you!

anyways, Jaimie has been working really hard to get everything set up and so she is just ready to get out the invites and here is one of our engagement pictures which we are actually not using. but you tell me what you think of the picture?

It's getting close to our big day, and I honestly can't wait to marry my honey! it will be such a great day. ;)

and all the byuh students are going back to school for another term. but not ME! i'm taking my well deserved break for 7 weeks. YES!!! no school. oh looks like i'll be going to the beach a lot. ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Report

Well, my classmates probably think I'm such a freak. Only because I'm showing my blog again in class. Come on! I have been very busy with school, work and being engaged! so I don't mind blogging about homework. haha

Due to the fact that I'm getting married next month, I thought it is appropriate to pick a book that will have some sort of future benefit for me.

The book I have been reading is called How To Date Your Spouse, written by Lindsay K. Rietzsch.

Summary: The author writes that one has to learn and understand the language of the spouse through effective dating. Unique and very interesting topic but overall a very boring read. Its more like a crash test course for dummies that have no idea what their spouse is interested in or that just do not seem to understand the importance of understanding the needs of your spouse.

The author makes it clear that if one applies the principles taught within the book, it will strengthen a relationship and one will be able to learn the language of the spouse.
I encourage people to read the book, if they need to know why they should take their spouse on dates. Otherwise, don't worry about it!

Further readings,
Gary Chapman the five love languages. and the marriage you always wanted by same guy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Engl. 315 - I'm going to show my blog in class today.

Aloha and welcome to! Today, I'm assigned to give an oral report on the subject: 'online advertising,'

Well, this a blog, my blog, you heard of blogging before, right? I'm actually advertising. I'm advertising about MYSELF. weird. Thats not what I want to do. I want to inform my friends of my tremendous life. duh!!! Did you know that celebraties have blogs? my Engl. 201 teacher blogs and my future wife is into blogging too. I guess they got me into this. I'm so hooked to blogging. ;)

how about I'll state my opinion on online advertising. I don't like the stupid adds on facebook, they are annoying. also, I hate when other people on their blogs have a ton of adds. and they think they can make money with that. whatever? anyway. Online advertising is a big deal today. just think of, and, they actually make a ton of money and they use the web to their advantage. Well, they only way I could make money on my blog would be if I leave my phone number on hear and people pay to call me. if you know what I mean. jk :)

the above link, will bring you to a video on that will explain more details about the tricks about online advertising.

its actually pretty fun to blog. Just go on, create an account and start blogging in the blogiverse. you can add a music player, change your background, or syber stock your friends! alright, get started don't forget to add me to your friends list and you can drop a comment every once in a while.

Guess what? ... thats it for today! i know thats a pretty random post. thank you!
ok. guess again? ... ahh don't worry about it. but i'm only getting married in less than 7 weeks. this is oh my gosh.