This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Monday, October 29, 2012

All New

Hi All,

looks like, I'll be giving this blog another try. It's been way too long since I last blogged and looks like this ain't the cool thing anymore. Or I just don't know what else to do while Hurricane Sandy is doing her thing.

be sure to check up on my blog every once in a while and feel free to leave a comment or 2 next time you are here.

Welcome back to 'a tremendous life'


Wolfgang Brunner

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Monday, November 2, 2009


You know how you always see weird people on the bus? well, at least here in Hawaii you always see weirdos on the bus.

last weekend, Ben, ME and my WIFE made a trip to Kaneohe, to get out of Laie. On our way to Kaneohe... oh my gosh, this is so gross. I almost had to throw up.

as we got on the bus, we sat at the back and we saw this one native couple have a blanket to cover them, which was fine but weird. anyway, its always cold on the bus. and especially native people feel a lot colder because they are used to the heat. anyway. thats not what was gross....

after a view minutes we see a tuna fish can and a can opener.... yep thats right. Now this might just be us, but whenever you eat tuna you don't drink the water that is in the can. SICK!!!!!! and it smelled so GROSS. needless to say that was their started as a main dish they had some weird can of health chicken soup with lots of vegetables in it. ONCE AGAIN so GROSS and its smelled so bad. no silverware they just ate it with their fingers... ahhhhhh disgusting and as their dessert they had canned fruit....... long story short. it was funny and weird at first. but overall SICK and this couple also looked like they spent all day on the bus already.

I was thinking to myself. next thing they do is brush their teeth, but i'm glad they didn't.

end result of the day. you always have a story to tell when riding the bus.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I found something to blog about

I know I know, you haven't had anything to stalk lately. ;) I know you all secretly have a crush on me. Just kididng.

So, by now everyone knows I'm married but let me tell you story about me and my wife!

I don't remember how exactly the conversation came about, but some time before Jaimie and I started dating. We were talking about my pre-mission life and how I totally thought I was the sheeezzzz. The coolest kid ever! well, part of my pre-mission life was that I was way into clubbing, to the point where on Monday you already start planning for the weekend. ;) Jaimie was not impressed by that, but she still ended up dating me and marrying me.

I told her that I would take her clubbing if she were to come to my home in Austria. Jaimie always answered with a, 'yah right,' as in no way. you won't take me clubbing.

the last friday on our honeymoon happened to be in Salzburg, (my home town) and after making her watch a german movie in the movie theater, I TOOK HER CLUBBING!! ;) and guess what? ... SHE LIKED IT!!! she had so much fun. she loved it!!! and we have evidence of that, and she is gonna get mad at me for posting this picture. ;)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Wedding dance!

... you know you always wanted to do that on your wedding!!!

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Monday, September 21, 2009


.... weird! I know.

Well, time to catch up. I have been married to my wife, Jaimie, for 1 month.
Jaimie uploaded some of our wedding pictures on her blog. GO check em out.

Coming soon
WE will also upload some pictures from our Honeymoon in Austria, Italy, Czech Republic soon.

and we are back in school. and lots of things to do. Oh I better get going. bye!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been counting down days like 1,5 years ago and now WE ARE DOWN TO 10 DAYS.

I'm getting married in 10 days. PERIOD. thats how it is. I'm really sorry to all the girls out their, cuz 1st I'm taken and 2nd I have found the best girl EVAH!!! and she is mine which leads me the 3rd, sorry guys out their but SHE IS MINE!!! and she will be mine FOREVER.

I have made an observation that boys always act like to be tough and strong, but as soon as they are in love, they are nice and sweet and do cheesey stuff. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, only if you have been in love before. ;) the reason why i'm saying this is because I wrote a loveletter the other day. And NO, I won't quote anything of that. I said. NO. i'm not publishing it either. so stop asking what I wrote. don't worry about it. its not your business. ;) HA!!

to my JAIMIE!!!

anyways. you wanna see what I had for breakfast the other day? I'm showing you anyways.
oh and check out my new fancy shades!!!! boom boom i got them POW. k whatever!!!

and do you guys know that i'm pretty much addicted to Starbucks, Frappucino Strawberry and Creme. You most likely think, Starbucks, you drink coffee!!! ahh duh!! you are wrong. did you know that starbucks also sells stuff without coffee? hah. take that. the Strawberry Creme Frappucino is without coffee and it its AMAZING. I went to Starbucks the other day. Evidence of that see below.
Starbucks is amazing. I should open one here in Laie Hawaii. because the next Starbucks is a 20 minute ride to north shore. OK, perfect, thank you, mahalo, I gotta GO.. ttyl

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to blog..

Hey everyone, just to inform everyone, I added a playlist on my blog. With only 3 songs so far. Thats what I'm listening lately.

Anyway. 16 DAYS!!!!!! or 2 WEEKS and 2 DAYS..

Well, if you can't tell, but I'm pretty excited about it. ;)

anyway today is my day off, and I have 2 options. beach or go to kaneohe?!?!? or maybe both. although the weather isn't the nicest. I don't know.

as you can see, I'm bored and I didn't even have anything exciting to share on this blog

oh I signed up for classes in the fall. and I have to take 15 credits and I'm not looking forward to that. my fall semester will be hard. LAME!!!!

the LGN diet is working good. i already accomplished the goal and lost 15 pounds. YAY

thats it for now
okay, mahalo, thank you, bye bye.