This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Job...

... was a little bit different last thursday and friday! Every year in the spring, the Fireknife competiton takes place at the PCC. Its a 3 evening long event and 2 of em take place at the Luau where I work at. Anyway its right after the regular luau that this takes place. So when that happens, we have to work so hard to get the area ready for and get 80 tables out and set up 200 chairs. its insane, it all goes by so fast and right as we finish setting up or as we are still cleaning the area in the back the people already come in. So a few employees were asked to stay the whole evening and watch the competition for free and right after that clock in and clean up and get the 80 tables back into place so we can have a normal luau again the next day. anyway lots of work and lots of fun.

the samoan drummers. oh btw. the fireknife is a samoan tradition!
ps. i tried uploading a video, but for some odd raeson it wouldn't let me. lame, so maybe next time.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

time to catch up

Aloha and Hi!

I know I know, its been a while, my blog finally shows up on your blog list on the very top. YAY!

so, its already the mid of may and I haven't blog for a while so I'm going to catch up really fast. I don't have much time. I'm being very busy with school. I was stupid enough to sign up for 9 credits for a very short spring term that is only 6 weeks long. Classes start every day at 7:30 and Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:40 and on Tuesday and Thursday class ends at 10:50. A 3 hour class. WOW listening to the same teach for 3 hours twice a week. I'm glad its a very interesting class. i like it. I have another class that is on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule from 12:10 till 2:20. GREAT!!! besides that I have my Supervisor Job at Luau, which I still LOVE!!!! yah right I love my job. and my girlfriend! So Sorry that I haven't blogged much but I'm sure you all understand. anyway....

Today at work, so funny. First, I took 3 people from India into the Luau and this gentleman tells me his wife should be already seated and if you've seen this place before you know its not easy to spot someone between 600 guests in the house. Anyway, as we are walking I, I'm pointing my finger at his face with the bottom of your hand up asking, "Do they look like you?" --- What a stupid question, DUH?!?!? of course his wife will look like him.... I mean did I really ask this question. anyway, a volunteer senior sister missionary heard it and she couldn't stop laughing about it. It was HILARIOUS. too funny. ;)

and the other thing, a couple from Guatemala interviewed me and video taped me about the IMU we have at Luau. its the pig that is cooked for like 10 hours with banana leaves. That was funny too. and they said I'll be on a TV show in Guatemala next month and they will send me the link so I can watch it too. LOL

Besides that, Jaimie and I had a great date the other saturday, we watched a sunset at duh sunset beach. the first picture is my favorite, i turned out amazing.

and the third wheel on our date, this random dog beach bum just decided to chill with us for a while until his friend showed up, so we had a double date. although the 2 dogs disappeared soon and were probably running around romanticly on the beach . lol anyway.

I just got done earlier on with an exam, which was my 3rd exam for this week. I had 2 exams on Monday, one was accounting 201 which I didn't do to well on it, and the other one was travel geography 230 I scored 94% on that one and I finished this evening with a Human Resource Management BUSM 327 class and I scored 87%. YAY!! I like being the good student (NOW thats what I girlfriends mother wants to hear! ;) love you) lol

lets see, oh one more funny thing.
So I want to change my job once again, one of those phases I guess!!! so I found out that the reservations at PCC had 3 openings and I went to apply for the job today and the response I got was that, "I can't apply for the job because I already have a job at PCC" are you kidding me. You seriously must be joking!!! not funny at all. okay. they told me I have to wait for a transfer period which the next will be starting May 26th in 2 weeks. Now, basically, be that time the job I wanted is most likely gone. and by the time I quit my current job. I have to put in a 2 weeks notice so basically after those 2 weeks would be over the job I want is gone and I would be without employeement. ISN'T THAT THE STUPIEST POLICY YOU EVER HEARD OF? especially because I'm a very loyal employee to PCC, they should check my file I have plenty of good reports, so why in the world would I not be able to get the new job that I want. LAME LAME LAME, I was so mad. I couldn't believe. GRRRRR RAR!!!

btw, RAR in dinosaur language means I LOVE YOU!!! ;)

k, thanks for checking out my blog, make sure you leave a comment and stop by again soon.
Please come again. Mahalo Nui Loa