This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Know How To Have FUN

They are really big. They live in the ocean. They have a season. There is different species of them. By now you probably guessed what I'm talking about. Sometimes you can see them just from the beach but its always better to go on a boat to seem them. YES YES thats right, Jaimie, Ben, Jessica and Me went WHALE WATCHING last Monday... ... and it was so stinking amazing.... we did indeed see a lot of whales.

we even had a whale watching mix! (thanks to Jessica)

The boat and Jonathan the boat driver, or captain or he is the man!!!

Seriously, isn't Hawaii TREMENDOUS???

and some awesome whale pics, I can't believe how close we got to them. so so cool. YAY!!

and this little guy....
Honestly, we just know how to have fun! what an amazing Monday! Usually, everybody hates Monday, because you have to go back to school and its the beginning of another long week. But hey we have proven that Mondays can be fun, if its a holiday like last Monday, I'm glad we had President's Day! ;)

Fun At Work

Today was my first day back at work for a while. This is so random but my Supervisor spotted a banana tree in our Luau today as we were seating guests. Luau is the restaurant that I work at, its a crazy place, craziness as in busy place. Anyway, I should take more pictures of this place that I work at! Anyway, it was just a little guy for a banana, Regina said they are Apple Bananas, because they are so little. Basically, my new thing to look forward to going to work is to find those Bananas! ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

it could have not been a better day! I got up at around 8:30ish to get ready for a long but sweet day. I picked up Jaimie from her house at around 9:30 and duh of course I surprised her with red roses, I gave her a hug and a kiss and said Happy Valentine's Day! She was so cute about it. I love seeing her reactions when she gets surprised. ;)

After that we got invited to a pre wedding shower for my roommate Scott and his fiance JM. It was a surprise party for them, they got told its a work training they had to come to. Scotts first impression, "whats up with the balloons at a work training?", and "what is Michael doing here (a former Luau worker)" ;) they really didn't expect that at all. It was a pretty cool surprise party, which was all planned and organized by Regina our Luau Supervisor. She did a really awesome job. She did such a good job that we told her she should become a wedding planner.

thats when they first came in, aw so surprised, and below they look so happy because of the surprise party. ;) yay!!!

(Picture to the right) Scott and JM feeding each other cake. I'll quote their little conversation. Scott, "I love you" JM, "be nice!" after a bit of a hesitation, JM went for it and put whole slice of cake into Scotts face, Scott did the same! lol it was so funny. ;)

What kinda annoyed me was that Jaimie was like ahhh I have to leave at around 11ish. She said she had finish something up in the on campus copy center. She said she had to get my Valentines Card ready. Anyway, the party is over and I'm on my way to campus so I called her that I would be waiting outside, she responeded oh I'm not ready yet! Okay I go and fill up some gas and I would call her again when I'm back. 10 minutes later I call again, she said, oh honey, I remembered that I have your bike on campus, I just take that and I'll meet you at my house! and you just go home and get changed so we can go to the beach. okay by that time I was super annoyed about the whole situation. I'm like bahhhh ahhhh!!!! so I come home and I come into my room and this is what I found

My room got HEART ATTACKED!!!

My cute little girlfriend had everything planned out to first fool me around and than surprise me. YAY!! happy ending. She was hiding behing the door and jumped out and shouted surprise honey, happy valtentines day! aw, I sleep really good now being surrounded by a ton of hearts. ;)

so we make our way to the beach, but we didn't stay for to long because it was windy and it soon started to rain. lame, anyway we went home took a nap. oh and we had lunch at subway earlier.

Than our evening part of Valentines Day began. We first went to Turtle Bay Resort to go hot tubbing. it was nice but I think my nose is suffering from that, because it was really windy outside, and the water was really really HOT. And for the rest of the evening we enjoyed each others company and I got Cheesecake form the Cheesecake Factory on Friday. And we also enjoyed Haagen Dazs Pineapple & Coconut ice cream. All together, pretty much equals the best Valentines Day ever!

Oh one more thing, I apologize for not putting up a picture of me and Jaimie today, but I always get into trouble when I upload a picture of us two. because I always pick the ones she hates!! so sorry no picture of us today

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I pulled it off...

... and I don't even know how I did it. I'm talking about 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night and being in class by 7:45. I had to turn in a research paper and give a 5 minute presentation about a destination that was my choice. You wanna guess what my destination was? ... Nope, you are wrong!!! you were right if you guessed - LAS VEGAS! ;) anyway, I had to write a 5 to 8 page computer typed double spaced paper about tourism in Las Vegas and that can be pretty much anything like challenges, attractions, and statistics about anything you like as long as it has something to do with tourism. I took a shower and I dressed nice to take away from my small and tired eyes. ;) well, it's 10am and I will go to bed soon, one more class to go! Okay, I didn't publish my post earlier, I went to class at 11am and I was falling asleep by 11:40ish am (in class), and the best thing ever is I got home at around noonish, and I went to bed and I was supposed to show up for work at 3 pm, I woke up at around 3:4ish, and I was so SO out of it, anyway I showed up for work at 4, which was fine. anyway, I should go to bed early today ;) Thomas says,"the longer you sleep the shorter your day and you can sleep when you are dead." ;)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


All I want to say about Foodfest is that it is completely OVERRATED!!! Foodfest is put up every semester and all the different clubs prepare food and sell it to raise money for their club. Now, don't get me wrong its a great idea but its too expensive and my Econ 200 teacher agrees on that one too. This is how it works, you go and buy your tickets and 1 ticket is 50 cents, as you make your round you'll find that a plate is like up to 15 tickets, so 7,50 for a meal as a student, come on clubs you all know we are all poor students so drop the price. I'm one of those that is not willing to pay $7 for a dinner plate. anyway, I still took some pictures. I see it as one of those events were you just go so you can say you showed up and you meet up with people you know. For example we saw Ben taking pictures for the hawaiin club.

the picture below sh0ws something so funny, the question is: Why is there a surfboard on top of a fire department truck? ;)

Well foodfest got boring so we went to taco bell to eat cheap and we aslo had ice cream after that. Jaimie and I had way to much fun taking pictures on the way. The first 2 pics show how much fun we had.

can you see my creep eyes in the above pic?
and what are we doing in the picture below?

What FLAVOR are YOU?

I must be that one flavor Jaimie likes a lot.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Today is, GERMAN TUESDAY! you probably think right now, what is this? is it one of those weird ideas that don't make any sense. Hold on, I'll explain.

It all started about a year ago, before Jaimie and I started dating. At the time when we were 'friends' and we 'hung out.' Jaimie asked if I could teach her some German, I didn't hesitate and agreed to it. As time passes we decided to have like a little weekly thingy to learn German. Well, eventually we came up with the name of calling it 'German Tuesday.' and yes there have been many Tuesdays we didn't learn German, but this time we will succeed because Jaimie and I will blog about it every Tuesday and Yes everyone can make comments and suggestions. Oh my gosh, I'm really excited about it. This is going to be so so much fun. Yah go and check out my new blog especially dedicated for only German Tuesdays purposes. ;)

Circle Island Tour

Aloha and welcome back to my tremendous blog. Today, guys, you can all be very excited right now, because I got some sweet pics from last Saturday.

Jaimie and I took Scotts car (my roommate who is getting married in April). We first drove all the way from Laie into Town, stopped for lunch at PF Chang's, and we are in love with their chicken lettuce wraps, they are simply amazing. Anyway, after lunch, I stopped by the King of Mopeds store (very long story, i'll blog about it a different time) but I found out that they ran out of business.... super lame!!! From Waikiki we drove to Pearl City and picked up a bread maker Jaimie bought and I can't wait to try some of homemade bread. Should be very interesting. From Peal City to Mililani, actually all I know about Mililani is Wal Mart. hehe :) oh I purchased a brand new electrical toothbrush because my old one died, funny thing is, I came home and wanted to show Jaimie what was wrong with my old toothbrush, my old toothbrush is still working, which is so so weird. Basically, I'm going to keep my new one because the old one is kinda an old model anyways, at least thats what my mom said! Anyway, from Mililani to Kam Highway 99, all the way back home to Laie, but we did stop at Sharks Cove for some pretty sweet Acai Bowls from Kavaroots or whatever this place is called. so that was the Circle Island tour. check out the pictures below.

And make sure you check out my blog soon so I can update you on my little scooter and how the store owner screwed me up big time!!!