This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Circle Island Tour

Aloha and welcome back to my tremendous blog. Today, guys, you can all be very excited right now, because I got some sweet pics from last Saturday.

Jaimie and I took Scotts car (my roommate who is getting married in April). We first drove all the way from Laie into Town, stopped for lunch at PF Chang's, and we are in love with their chicken lettuce wraps, they are simply amazing. Anyway, after lunch, I stopped by the King of Mopeds store (very long story, i'll blog about it a different time) but I found out that they ran out of business.... super lame!!! From Waikiki we drove to Pearl City and picked up a bread maker Jaimie bought and I can't wait to try some of homemade bread. Should be very interesting. From Peal City to Mililani, actually all I know about Mililani is Wal Mart. hehe :) oh I purchased a brand new electrical toothbrush because my old one died, funny thing is, I came home and wanted to show Jaimie what was wrong with my old toothbrush, my old toothbrush is still working, which is so so weird. Basically, I'm going to keep my new one because the old one is kinda an old model anyways, at least thats what my mom said! Anyway, from Mililani to Kam Highway 99, all the way back home to Laie, but we did stop at Sharks Cove for some pretty sweet Acai Bowls from Kavaroots or whatever this place is called. so that was the Circle Island tour. check out the pictures below.

And make sure you check out my blog soon so I can update you on my little scooter and how the store owner screwed me up big time!!!

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