This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Friday, March 27, 2009

Why you haven't seen me at work for the last 3 days!

So, my F-1 US student visa only allows me to work 20 hours a week and it has to be a student job. anyway, last week I had 20.1 hours. RAR. I was so mad. 0.1 hours over, thats 6 minutes I clocked out late. OMG!
As I went to work on Monday, Lani my Manager had me sign a 3 day suspension! I was lucky that my scheduled days off were Tuesday and Thursday so I only missed Wednesday for work. Besides missing work I had to meet with Matt from the Human Resource office and explain to him why I went over hours and what happened. Matt gave me paper work to fill out. I met with Matt on Tuesday and one of the paper thingy I had to get signed by Lani and also from Fifita who is the Food & Beverage Director. Fifita wasn't in the office so I had to wait for the next day. The next day I went back to the office and Fifita wasn't there again. RAR!! Thursday was a holiday in Hawaii, so of course she would be off that day. Anyway, I finally got it signed by her Friday morning. After that I had to go to the International Student Office and get it approved and reinstated by them so I can return to work. WOW.

At the International Student Office I got told that if I go over hours 3 times, I meet with the President of the school on my way to the airport. Basically saying after 3 times, I'm going home!!!! right after that, back to Matt to turn in all the signed papers and I'm ready to go back to work today. YAY!!!

I'm actually really excited to go back to work today, it will be fun! lol ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aloha! and Mahalo Nui Lua (thank you big toilet) ;)

Tonight Jaimie and I went to kaneohe, the next biggest town from Laie where I live, its 1 hour drive away. We got invited by Micah, my future roommate for the spring term, and his girlfriend Hannah, to go out and eat and watch a movie. First, we went to Ruby Tuesdays, which was my first experience to eat there, and it was a good experience, I couldn't believe I paid 10 dollars for a burger and fries, but it was totally worth it.

After dinner, we decided to watch 'Knowing' with Nicolas Cage. It was intense and very interesting and it had a weird story ending. I don't wanna say too much about the story, because I don't wanna give anything away. Overall, well done and I probably liked the previews more. There are some lame movies coming out, but some really good ones too. Next week, the new Fast and Furious movie will be playing and I'm really stoked about that. :) and new a new movie is coming up with Ben Affleck, and another one with Ryan Reynolds! Remember, Ryan Reynolds from Party Animal? thats right thats him. and he has played in other movies since that.

okay one more thing to inform you all. Remember the break up between Italian BMT at Subway and ME? well, we are back together!!! Happy ending. Yesterday, Jaimie and I gave in and we went to Subway, I wasn't sad about this at all. as you can tell. It was amazing. Absolutly tremendous.

Well, I'm still suspended from work, and I have to get some paperwork for that done. My director needs to sign this paper, but she hasn't been in her office for the last two days and she is off tomorrow too, lame!!! I might not even work for thid whole week, oh no!!!! oh well, its gonna work out at the end. it better be.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Culture Night 2009 - old school, new school

Basically, the event takes place over 2 days, and all the clubs but on a dance performance. Its tremendous because their dances are very unique and they all do a really good job. Now, I don't wanna explain to much about it. I'll just upload some pics.

the above guy in green is JONATHAN TAN, too funny. made me laugh out loud. or lol

Indonesian club. I'll post the video of them. they were good. and to the far left thats EZRA.
the above picture was the KIWI club, they did the HAKA. too sweet. love it.
I did swing last year with Jaimie, maybe I can find that video somewhere and I'll post it 4ya.haha too funny to see people you know and they show off their skills. in the above picture in the blue pants thats ANDY JONES, so funny he is doing some random stuff with the Taiwanese club. GOOD JOB ANDY.
the samoan club was pretty much amazing. so much energy and power. wow. i love it.
VALENTINUS IS MY HERO!!! i hometeach him and he is so funny.

okay lets post some videos on here.

next year I will convice Jaimie to be part of the Tahitian club. yay!!!

Okay, basically, after seeing all those traditional dances it totally makes me wanna go and see all the Islands of polyensia. I shoul do an internship in Tahiti or New Zealand, but we'll see about that. hehe.
well, that was my weekend fun.

oh one more thing to talk about.
so as many of you know i work in the pcc as a supervisor at the Hale Aloha, the luau, anyway, last saturday i got busted for working my butt off. My manager is on vacation so a different manager came to check up on us. and this manager told me that my job is to just stand up front and do nothing, to 'SUPERVISE' i was so mad, i was pissed off. I'm sorry and I felt bad for all the workers and I couldn't help em out, because I was shut down. isn't that ironic. basically, i know that the employees hate when the supervisor just stands around and those nothing. and when the supervisor doesn't work the workers hate em and they don't listen and don't respect you. so anyway, I can't wait to go back to work and wait for my manager to come back and talk about it. or I'll go into the manager that told me off, go to there area and see how the supervisors act there or what they do. anyway long story short, I HATED WORK LAST SATURDAY. rar.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I called Oma EMMA

First of all, I wanna complain about the stupid prepaid phonecard that screw me up every single time I purchase one and when I call home. I hate em. This time I called my Dad for Oma Emma's phone number, my dad did not even pick up but they still charged me $ 1.53!!!! are you joking me? flippin prepaid phonecard company. RAR!!! anyway, my Dad didn't call me back, and I couldn't find my stuff where Oma's (Grandmother in German, btw) phone number is on it. I have this one box full of school stuff, and I saw this huge cockroach. (lol) Finally, I found my list with her number on it. I was planning on video taping it so I could upload my conversation with her, but I left my camera at Jaimie's place. Sorry no video.
The reason why I called Oma Emma is because its her birthday. yep yep, she is another year older and smaller! at least, thats what I noticed last christmas :) Anyway, she was so happy that I called her, well, I can honestly say that I made her day. yay that makes me her favorite grandchild. well thats pretty easy out of 3. haha Our conversation was 3 minuetes long, because she is kinda old and still thinks long distance calls are very expensive which they kind of are but not that bad. Anyway, long story short ending. It was good to talk to my Oma for a little bit. ;)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Apparently I do NOT know how to ride a bike...

That is so embarrassing, I should not even be blogging about this. Its not funny, but I'm sure if you have no feelings you will laugh anyways. ;) actually it only gets embarrassing when I'm telling the story in front of a lot of people. Okay, what happened. It happened last Monday a week a ago. I was on my way home from Jaimie's place and it was around 10:30pm. As I was on my home, there is a tiny little place were it goes a bit up, but its almost straight, just deep enough to basically stand on the bike, stand on the pedals so you can go faster. Now, everybody who knows what my bike looks like, its rusty. Especially my chain is very rusty, it needs some oil. anyway, as I was standing and paddling pretty fast, my chain skipped and caused me to slip of my right paddle and I FELL OVER THE HANDLE BAR AND I TOTALLY ATE IT. The bike landed on top of me and I landed in the middle of the road.
I knew there was a car behind me. SO, immediately I pushed my bike to the side and I jumped up and moved to the side. The car stopped and asked if I was okay. I replied, "I can stand, I live, I'm fine." at this moment I was in shock. I was like. WOW, what happened. OH MY GOSH.
So, I check out my body, and see that my shorts are ripped and my nice banana republic t-shirt has a hole in it. (RAR I was so sad about my clothes, I'm more sad about my clothes than my bike and my body) I hit the ground pretty hard, and so my right arm is scratched and my right love handle has a massive bruise too. I'm grateful that my face didn't get any scratches. And my bike got scratches all over too.

thats my right love handle, couple days after.
Anyway, some girls that live right there, came out and helped me and gave me some stuff to take care for my wounds. I also called up Jaimie and she took care of me REALLY good. While cleaning out the wounds, it was burning, I hated it. Lucky that I didn't break any bones. the way I fell I'm pretty sure it could have ended up worse than it was.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa, so the other day I tried so hard to be Hawaiian but OUCH I'm still a white kid at the end. Thats what happened, I texted Regina my local Hawaiian co-supervisor at work. Anyway instead of writing Mahalo Nui Loa, I wrote MAHALO NUI LUA, which translated means, thank you big toilet. lol.. i guess i'll stay white. and I will stop being all cool about being Hawaiian. I mean I don't even like POI (accoriding to cousin Benny, "Hawaiian mash potatoes" - no offence, but I just don't like it, Hawaiians eat that all the time. End result, if you don't eat Poi y0u can't be Hawaiian.

Anyway, Regina really likes the idea of German Tuesday, therefore, she will be teaching me some Hawaiin here soon. And I'm contemplating if I want to start a new blog on that one. We'll see about that.

thats pretty much as Hawaiian as I can get!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Brand New GOAL - the challenge

life is tremendous, and Subway has definitely had a huge impact on my life. I have found my love while I was serving my full time mission in the Leeds Mission. Anyway, I fell in love with my all time favorite sandwich, its the Italian BMT.

Long story short, Italian BMT and I had to break up today! its the saddest day of my life, but Jaimie and I came to realize that this has to stop, its an unhealthy relationship and we can't afford it anymore. To figure out our true love for subway and especially for the Italian BMT, after a long discussion and a lot of tears, I know its so dramatic! we came to the conclusion that we can't do this anymore. It has to stop.

Therefore, Jaimie and I set a brand new goal. NO MORE SUBWAY for ONE MONTH, but we take it even further, NO MORE EATING OUT FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH!!!! starting today. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this, but Jaimie is very supportive!

I know, this will be so hard. There will be temptations and there will be times where we both want to give in and eat out, but we can do this and we will accomplish this goal!! its exciting, so stay tuned and check the blog for updates on the challenge.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Whale Watching Video

Ben, a good friend of mine, who is also related to Debbie Frampton, my favorite Engl. 201 teacher, has made this amazing video. A bid shout out to Ben for putting forth that effort. Mahalo Nui Loa

A Whale of a Time... from Ben Boyle on Vimeo.