This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Monday, April 20, 2009

Springbreak 2009

This last week has been TREMENDOUS!!!! it has been so much fun. it was amazing not to bother about homework or anything. I had so much time.

lets start with Saturday:
Jaimie and I dropped off Scott, my roommate, and his fiance JM, at the airport really early. Scott is so kind he is leaving his car with me for this term until they come back. Scott and JM are getting married this coming weekend in Taiwan. Well done! We went shopping to Wal Mart to get stuff for my new place. I moved in that Saturday. My new house is amazing. Its big, nice. nice as in brand new. My roommate is Micah from Texas, I wish it would be Jaimie ;) anyway, Micah is from Texas and he takes me surfing! btw. I'm going surfing tomorrow! YAY. After I moved in, Jaimie and I went up North Shore. enjoyed the beach and had an Acai Bowl and watched the sunset at sunset beach.

Sunday was a Sunday. Easter Sunday! I got a package from my parents, it came on Friday. YAY! some Milka chocolate. WOW!! Jaimie likes the chocolate too. see picture below. ;)

Monday, I believe we went to the beach and I had work. And we cooked some really good food. we made Piccata Milanese. which is fried chicken with a Parmesan crust, and one eats that with pasta. and we added some vegtables. YOU GOT THAT WE ACTUALLY HAD VEGETABLES, because that doesn't usually happen as a student. lol

we really enjoyed dinner, it was good.

Tuesday: We went into the PCC and watched the Imax movie, which was quite fun, and after that we hit the road and went to Honolulu and had an amazing meal at Maccaroni Grill. Best Pasta you can get in America. SO good. Its tremendous. I really like that place. its fancy! we also did a bit of shopping at Ala Moana shopping center.

On Wednesday we did, mhh good question what did we really do, BEACH and more BEACH and most likely work and perhaps more shopping. mhhh oh well, I'm sure it was a fun day. ;)

Thursday we went to the beach and I had work

Friday we watched the YES man with Jim Carry on dvd, pretty funny movie. oh yah we had more beach time and duh! of course I went to work again

Saturday started with work and I got off work at 6pm, right after that, we had an invitation to go to Diliana and Chihiro's wedding reception. I served with Diliana in the same mission, she rocks! and I had the statistics class with Chihiro. I'm so happy for them, the Party Rocked!!! and after the reception Jaimie and I went and watched Aliens vs. Monsters, it was a fun movie, I like it. There is another sweet fun movie coming up, its called UP!

Anyway, lets talk about the tremendous HIGHLIGHT of the week, Jaimie and Janelle WAXED my belly and my chest. Yes you heard it, they Waxed my body. ;)

the beginning: LOOK at this SICK belly!!! ;) hahahah

Janelle's turn to get the hair off my chest, check out the video.

and then it was Jaimies turn to hurt me.

Now, we ran out of the wax, and we got some more stuff, but different stuff, and it doesn't work as good as the one before. anyway, now my belly hair is all weird. lol I might just shave all of it off tomorrow or next time I have enough time to get around to it.


Janessa said...

haha and you listen to the backstreet boys. nice.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe I just say that!!!!

Your verifier says nonsess. That was utter nonsess!