This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Remember ENGL. 201

I know I know, not another report about a class that I took.

Remember Sister Frampton, my favorite Engl. 201 teacher? NO! check out her blog. I took her class last Fall and I was that kid you don't want to have in class, that one kid that always laughs out loud and makes stupid comments. Sister Frampton got me into blogging, whenever she would mention her blog in class I would burst out laughing and almost cried, thats how hard I laughed. Duh! I'm blogging now. RAR

Anyway, couple Sundays ago Sister Frampton invited me and Jaimie over to her house for dinner! YAY. IT WAS A BLAST. Funny. Hilariours. TREMENDOUS!!!

The guy on the far left is her husband, Ben, oh no wait that was lie. ben is her cousin and ben and I know each other, we hang out every once in a while and have a lot of fun. Ben is into blogging too.

As you can see we got a little bit carried away in our photo shooting. It was too funny. Sister Frampton and I were on a role and Ben was so confused, he didn't know what was going on! It was a blast. A TREMENDOUS BLAST. (i think in my next blog post I will try and mention the word tremendous as often as I can!)

The food was amazing, as you know as a student you don't have a well balanced diet. Thanks to Sister Frampton for having me around at her house.

Sister Frampton picked me as her favorite student of all time she just has a hard time admitting it. ;)

The party was over once we all started YAWING, and you know when one yawns the next person is yawning too. There is a high chance that you are yawning just right now. anyway, Ben has this thing when he is ready to leave and all set and ready to go he just jumps up looks around in the room and comments on the pictures and says, "I think I'm gonna head out, I'm gonna leave." its so funny, he always does that, he just stands up walks around and gets ready to leave. too funny.
Thanks to all of YOU in making this an incredible (of I mean tremendous) evening. Mahalo


Chowder said...

You started YAWING? Really? What does that look like?

Oh crap, I just read your blog. I forgot that I don't like your blog because you never talk about me.

Wolfgang said...

ah great, I promise Josi, I'll mention your name soon.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! It was TREMENDOUS FUN! I'll post my photos tonight or tomorrow.

And Josi, I'll show you what it looks like when we all yawned.

Janessa said...

is that home improvement on in the background on the T.V.?