This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Friday, March 20, 2009

I called Oma EMMA

First of all, I wanna complain about the stupid prepaid phonecard that screw me up every single time I purchase one and when I call home. I hate em. This time I called my Dad for Oma Emma's phone number, my dad did not even pick up but they still charged me $ 1.53!!!! are you joking me? flippin prepaid phonecard company. RAR!!! anyway, my Dad didn't call me back, and I couldn't find my stuff where Oma's (Grandmother in German, btw) phone number is on it. I have this one box full of school stuff, and I saw this huge cockroach. (lol) Finally, I found my list with her number on it. I was planning on video taping it so I could upload my conversation with her, but I left my camera at Jaimie's place. Sorry no video.
The reason why I called Oma Emma is because its her birthday. yep yep, she is another year older and smaller! at least, thats what I noticed last christmas :) Anyway, she was so happy that I called her, well, I can honestly say that I made her day. yay that makes me her favorite grandchild. well thats pretty easy out of 3. haha Our conversation was 3 minuetes long, because she is kinda old and still thinks long distance calls are very expensive which they kind of are but not that bad. Anyway, long story short ending. It was good to talk to my Oma for a little bit. ;)

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Jessica Davis said...

Cutest story EVER!
(minus the nasty roach...)