This is where we live now

This is where we live now
This Is Where We Live These Days

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aloha! and Mahalo Nui Lua (thank you big toilet) ;)

Tonight Jaimie and I went to kaneohe, the next biggest town from Laie where I live, its 1 hour drive away. We got invited by Micah, my future roommate for the spring term, and his girlfriend Hannah, to go out and eat and watch a movie. First, we went to Ruby Tuesdays, which was my first experience to eat there, and it was a good experience, I couldn't believe I paid 10 dollars for a burger and fries, but it was totally worth it.

After dinner, we decided to watch 'Knowing' with Nicolas Cage. It was intense and very interesting and it had a weird story ending. I don't wanna say too much about the story, because I don't wanna give anything away. Overall, well done and I probably liked the previews more. There are some lame movies coming out, but some really good ones too. Next week, the new Fast and Furious movie will be playing and I'm really stoked about that. :) and new a new movie is coming up with Ben Affleck, and another one with Ryan Reynolds! Remember, Ryan Reynolds from Party Animal? thats right thats him. and he has played in other movies since that.

okay one more thing to inform you all. Remember the break up between Italian BMT at Subway and ME? well, we are back together!!! Happy ending. Yesterday, Jaimie and I gave in and we went to Subway, I wasn't sad about this at all. as you can tell. It was amazing. Absolutly tremendous.

Well, I'm still suspended from work, and I have to get some paperwork for that done. My director needs to sign this paper, but she hasn't been in her office for the last two days and she is off tomorrow too, lame!!! I might not even work for thid whole week, oh no!!!! oh well, its gonna work out at the end. it better be.


Thomas Heller said...

I think the actor is just called: Ryan Reynolds.

Wolfgang said...

dang it u are right, i'll change it

Regina said...

Nooooooo!!!!! Work needs you. I saw Fifita yesterday as I was coming to work at like 3:10. Oh well! I didn't tell Mike that you were suspended so if you won't be back on friday or saturday...we need to let him know he will be alone.

Chowder said...

What? Why were you suspended? Because you were actually working? How lame! Work is so boring if I have no one to prank...