This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Apparently I do NOT know how to ride a bike...

That is so embarrassing, I should not even be blogging about this. Its not funny, but I'm sure if you have no feelings you will laugh anyways. ;) actually it only gets embarrassing when I'm telling the story in front of a lot of people. Okay, what happened. It happened last Monday a week a ago. I was on my way home from Jaimie's place and it was around 10:30pm. As I was on my home, there is a tiny little place were it goes a bit up, but its almost straight, just deep enough to basically stand on the bike, stand on the pedals so you can go faster. Now, everybody who knows what my bike looks like, its rusty. Especially my chain is very rusty, it needs some oil. anyway, as I was standing and paddling pretty fast, my chain skipped and caused me to slip of my right paddle and I FELL OVER THE HANDLE BAR AND I TOTALLY ATE IT. The bike landed on top of me and I landed in the middle of the road.
I knew there was a car behind me. SO, immediately I pushed my bike to the side and I jumped up and moved to the side. The car stopped and asked if I was okay. I replied, "I can stand, I live, I'm fine." at this moment I was in shock. I was like. WOW, what happened. OH MY GOSH.
So, I check out my body, and see that my shorts are ripped and my nice banana republic t-shirt has a hole in it. (RAR I was so sad about my clothes, I'm more sad about my clothes than my bike and my body) I hit the ground pretty hard, and so my right arm is scratched and my right love handle has a massive bruise too. I'm grateful that my face didn't get any scratches. And my bike got scratches all over too.

thats my right love handle, couple days after.
Anyway, some girls that live right there, came out and helped me and gave me some stuff to take care for my wounds. I also called up Jaimie and she took care of me REALLY good. While cleaning out the wounds, it was burning, I hated it. Lucky that I didn't break any bones. the way I fell I'm pretty sure it could have ended up worse than it was.


Thomas Heller said...

Oh my gosh dude. What the hell you're doing. But sorry, I couldn't resist it. I had to laugh so much when I read your story. Of course I know you're gonna be alright. You survived way worse things. :)
have a nice day and I hope you'll be fine in a couple of days.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! I was totally laughing because apparently I have no feelings. But then I saw the bruises on your right love handle (which totally cracked me up that you called it that) and now I feel bad for laughing.

Am I a bad person?

hee hee


Wolfgang said...

'crash test dummy' you are not a bad person, and apology accepted.

its okay everybody can laugh about my crazy bike accident.

Chowder said...

Seriously wolfgang you NEED to update your blog RIGHT NOW because I keep checking and you are SLACKING. Don't slack. That's my job.