This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Culture Night 2009 - old school, new school

Basically, the event takes place over 2 days, and all the clubs but on a dance performance. Its tremendous because their dances are very unique and they all do a really good job. Now, I don't wanna explain to much about it. I'll just upload some pics.

the above guy in green is JONATHAN TAN, too funny. made me laugh out loud. or lol

Indonesian club. I'll post the video of them. they were good. and to the far left thats EZRA.
the above picture was the KIWI club, they did the HAKA. too sweet. love it.
I did swing last year with Jaimie, maybe I can find that video somewhere and I'll post it 4ya.haha too funny to see people you know and they show off their skills. in the above picture in the blue pants thats ANDY JONES, so funny he is doing some random stuff with the Taiwanese club. GOOD JOB ANDY.
the samoan club was pretty much amazing. so much energy and power. wow. i love it.
VALENTINUS IS MY HERO!!! i hometeach him and he is so funny.

okay lets post some videos on here.

next year I will convice Jaimie to be part of the Tahitian club. yay!!!

Okay, basically, after seeing all those traditional dances it totally makes me wanna go and see all the Islands of polyensia. I shoul do an internship in Tahiti or New Zealand, but we'll see about that. hehe.
well, that was my weekend fun.

oh one more thing to talk about.
so as many of you know i work in the pcc as a supervisor at the Hale Aloha, the luau, anyway, last saturday i got busted for working my butt off. My manager is on vacation so a different manager came to check up on us. and this manager told me that my job is to just stand up front and do nothing, to 'SUPERVISE' i was so mad, i was pissed off. I'm sorry and I felt bad for all the workers and I couldn't help em out, because I was shut down. isn't that ironic. basically, i know that the employees hate when the supervisor just stands around and those nothing. and when the supervisor doesn't work the workers hate em and they don't listen and don't respect you. so anyway, I can't wait to go back to work and wait for my manager to come back and talk about it. or I'll go into the manager that told me off, go to there area and see how the supervisors act there or what they do. anyway long story short, I HATED WORK LAST SATURDAY. rar.

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SWIRL said...

Hey this is CRASH's neighbor- Swirl- Love the pictures! and video! very cool

I told CRASH once.. I saw you at BYUH and started walking toward you to say HI, then stopped short when I remembered/realized.. you don't know me at all!!!

How embarrasing would THAT have been!