This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Surfing Experience

Today was a beautiful day, it could have not been any better to go surfing for the first time in my life. Micah, a good friend of mine, took me out this afternoon. Actually, last winter Micah and I talked about going surfing, but who knew it would actually take us that long, we just never got around to it. Funny, I know I have been in Hawaii for over a year now, and it took me so long to finally try surfing, but hey I finally did it. I had so much fun and I'm so tired, surfing is exhausting. My arms are sore and so are my thighs, and I'm a bit red in my face! But I will definitely go again, its a good workout, you get tan at the same time, and you have a lot of fun. Its actually pretty hard to get up and stand on the surfboard but its a lot easier to catch the wave with a surfboard compared to catching a wave with a boogyboard.

I know its not an action picture, but its the best one. (I also promise herewith that this is the only half naked picture you will find on my blog) Maybe next time I'll get some good action pictures. I better go surfing again soon.

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Jessica Davis said...

Wolfgang! Your blog is AWESOME! My favorite part is that you write just how you speak, adding emphases to words and what not. It makes your blog so much fun to read! I look forward to another post about Nutella, so keep up the good work.