This is where we live now

This is where we live now
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Las Vegas 2009

Oh my goodness, Las Vegas is stupendous, pretty much amazing. I flew into Vegas on December 30th and my girlfriend Jaimie picked me up from the airport. we stayed till January 3rd. and we had a blast. I partied it up into the new year on the strip, which was a way too busy place but it was quit fun. Let me show you some pictures.

You know, when you study Tourism, you get excited about this place, one massive hotel after another hotel, its amazing how big the hotels are. the above picture shows the well known Bellagio with the water fountain show.

The picture below shows the New York New York hotel with the craziest roller coaster that I have ever been on. Spending 14 $ for one ride, seems a bit much but totally worth it. Let me share the following conversation I had with Jaimie as we are getting ready to take off.
Me: 'is this safe?'
Jaimie: 'yep'
Me: 'oh no, I'm gonna crap my pants!'
Jaimie: 'honey, its okay, you will be fine!!!'
Me: 'honey, you can tell I'm nervous, because I'm talking a lot crap, ahhh'
oh my goodness, I was being the girl and she had the pants on. ;)

can you believe that, they have lions in the middle of the casino at the MGM hotel??? crazy what? wow. and below you can see me on the left and my better have on the right.

may I make a quick shout out to IN n OUT burgers!!!! the best Burgers EVAH!!! sorry, no picture of IN n OUT, i didn't get around to take the picture, I was way too busy eating em. ;)

okay, you wanna hear another crazy story. I'm telling you anyway. Guess what those stupid airlines did to me!! how dare they?? I arrived in Vegas without my luggage clear back in Vienna. So, I got to Vegas on Tuesday evening and guess when I got my luggage? you think the next day, but you are wrong!! They got it to me on Sunday evening!!! thats 5 days without it. I wasn't even in Vegas anymore by than, I was already at Jaimies parents house in Page, Arizona. Well, I went shopping and I found some good deals, pretty much best sale evah. I was so mad and annoyed about my luggage. I flew with British Airways and they are the record holder in loosing luggage according some random website I googled. anyway, what makes it even worst is that they broke into my luggage to check if its really mine! RARRRRR. So, I bought a new luggage too, a nice one!!! I'm now having my fingers crossed to see if they airlines are paying for my new clothes and for my luggage. My argument is, I mean, how hard is it to send you luggage to your destination? And I do understand that it might get here a day late, but NOT 5. ridiculous!!!!
They better give me refunds!!!

Besides what was already mentioned above. I went to Vegas and I didn't gamble!! exuse me, but whats wrong with me? isn't that why people come and visit Vegas.

As always, I had a wonderful time at Jaimie's house with her parents. Oh my goodness. Dennis and Marsha (Jaimies parents) are such nice and wonderful people. they are great!!! One evening we made Wiener Schnitzel (other story, i can't believe they use that name to sell hot dogs!!! rar, someone should do something about it!!!). it was really good. another time, Jaimie and I convinced them to put salsa and sweet corn into their tuna melt sandwich. hehe, you should try it, its amazing!!!!

anyway, thats pretty much the longest blog entry I will evah do! so, I hope you enjoyed reading it and make sure you look up my blog every once in a while. so you know what I'm up to.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! I get to be the very first person to comment on your blog!

That seems fitting, since I take full credit for sucking your into the blog world.

Glad you loved Vegas!

Now, I'm going to go put you on my sidebar.

P.S. Did you know Life as Ben is my cousin?

da Wolfi said...

omg, you are too funny!

Life as Ben, who is this kid? does a bear crap in the woods? yah I know that you two are related! funny thing I should have mentioned that in class, perhaps I would have had an A. just kidding. I even know he came around too your house for a meal around his birthday and he leaves stuff in your garage, which he doesn't pick it up ;) haha

Jaimie said...

good job hon! Your blog looks great. I don't really approve of your picture choice of us though... ;)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Jamie's right. You should have picked a better picture. She is so much more beautiful in person.

And YES you would have gotten an A if you had mentioned you knew my cousin. And he must have picked that stuff up because it's gone.

Verifier says bedooman. Weird.

Sandi said...

just dropped over because Crash recommended you, apparently you are her favorite Austrian student ever. Good job on the blog- pretty good for a rookie!