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This is where we live now
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Report

Well, my classmates probably think I'm such a freak. Only because I'm showing my blog again in class. Come on! I have been very busy with school, work and being engaged! so I don't mind blogging about homework. haha

Due to the fact that I'm getting married next month, I thought it is appropriate to pick a book that will have some sort of future benefit for me.

The book I have been reading is called How To Date Your Spouse, written by Lindsay K. Rietzsch.

Summary: The author writes that one has to learn and understand the language of the spouse through effective dating. Unique and very interesting topic but overall a very boring read. Its more like a crash test course for dummies that have no idea what their spouse is interested in or that just do not seem to understand the importance of understanding the needs of your spouse.

The author makes it clear that if one applies the principles taught within the book, it will strengthen a relationship and one will be able to learn the language of the spouse.
I encourage people to read the book, if they need to know why they should take their spouse on dates. Otherwise, don't worry about it!

Further readings,
Gary Chapman the five love languages. and the marriage you always wanted by same guy.


Jaimie said...

yeah, next time we go on a date, we'll be MARRIED! This is oh my gosh. ;) love you

Anonymous said...

Implement those points in the book in a right way so it be helpful!..

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